Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I really need an appointment?

    To provide you with the highest level of service, we recommend you schedule an appointment so we can be sure to have a room and a personal consultant reserved for you. We will happily take walk-in appointments, provided we have a room and a personal consultant available. Bridal appointments are highly recommended and will have preference over walk-ins.

  • How long are appointments?

    Bridal appointments are 90 minutes in length. Bridesmaid appointments vary from 60-90 minutes depending on how many bridesmaids will be attending. Mother’s gown appointments are 60 minutes. If you are coming for a wedding gown try-on & choosing accessories, the appointment typically lasts 60 minutes.

  • Are we allowed to take pictures?

    Of course! Take as many as you like. A lot of thought goes into shopping for formal wear. We want you to remember your experience!

  • Do you allow food/drink?

    We’ve hand selected and purchased each gown from the manufacturer brand new. We do not have the ability to switch out damaged merchandise. If it’s damaged, we can no longer sell it. Because of this we do not allow food and drinks. We do have water available to you during your time here if you would like.


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